Poetry & Writings

The poetry and short stories offered here are typically very personal. They are based on feelings, emotions and events that have shaped me, people who have shared with me their own demons, or the darker things we may all have on our minds but are too afraid to speak aloud. Not everything will be dark and dreary as some works are about love, light and happiness. The few but plentiful in a world illustrated in grey colors. I also aim to write more short stories with LGBTQ+ main characters, because hey we deserve it! There may also be a few gritty sci-if/fantasies because….. I love that stuff.

Please be aware that some of these writings will have trigger warnings which will be marked as such. That being said, even though some poems or writing may end in tragedy, it does not mean I want any of you to end the same way. Never give up and keep on, keep on.

I will always be eternally grateful for those who read, enjoy or find something in my writing; anything.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.