About the Poet

I am an aspiring poet & author who spends my days trying hard to live life lightheartedly and hilariously while facing the challenges that come with anxiety disorder and depression. Despite these mental hindrances I am loved unconditionally by the most beautiful and wonderful woman a lady could ask for along with my wild but ridiculously amazing 5 yr old son. They keep my feet firmly planted in the ground and keep a light lit on those especially stormy days. 

My Poetry:

These are some of my most personal poems. I have always enjoyed writing poetry and it serves not only as a passion but as a coping mechanism. While many of these are free form I’m still very much learning the craft and hope to post some structured work as well. For the most part, however, don’t expect me to adhere to the strict ways. Thoughts come like a nosebleed and splatter painting makes thousands.

Thank you so much for reading, liking, loving, hating, etc. It was a pleasure to have you.