i wished to be a poet

i wished to be a poet           stupid girl
freshman year living off the dysthymia
collected in pools of pencil shavings
and passing C’s on scantron paper.

i didn’t know then       didn’t know
that the idle nicks carved
carefully into an angsty canvas
were a dangerous art form
that someday               30 years old
i’d be warding off old ghosts
and pushpins from wanting to
unstich my freckled skin.

it undoes me

i might get famous off added
alliteration afterwards allied
to the alienation that these
words will cost me my life
but i prayed                innocent once
a stupid girl

i prayed to be a poet.

Copyright © Audrey Rosengreen, 2018

2 thoughts on “i wished to be a poet

  1. lifeisafinedamnedmess

    I loved the alliteration in “I Wished to be a Poet.” I also like your site as well. Purple is my favorite color and I find it very calming and soothing. I also think that old souls may also be drawn to it.

    It’s not as a revealing color like other vibrant ones such as orange, yellow, red or white. I know my Art teacher would argue with me just now about the color white, “it’s monochromatic!” Yes! But, how it makes one stick out in a crowd!

    I like your style. I like poets whom are stylistically different from me, because who wants to read the same thing you’re either doing, or used to doing?!

    Take care and best in your writing proclivities!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I’ve always been drawn to the color purple for the same reasons you do. It’s very calming. You have good taste :p I especially like the dark purples. And thank you I like your style as well. It’s always nice to watch other writers and poets style grow with them and is often great inspiration to me discovering the many forms a poet can produce and how they all differ wildly.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and for visiting, it made my day 😌


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